Saturday, February 28, 2009

Building root filesystem for qq2440 with buildroot

Download buildroot from
I'm using 2009.02 release.

Download eldk for compiling
This is an iso image. Burn it and install it. I installed 2 versions (with software FP and with hardware FP) in /usr/local/cross. Actually we need to compile with software FP.

#tar -xvjf buildroot-2009.02.tar.bz2
#cd buildroot-2009.02
#make menuconfig

Now select:
Target architecture - arm
Target architecture variant - arm920t
Target ABI - EABI

Toolchain type : External binary toolchain
Core C library :
Libraries to copy : clear all
Enable large file support - check
Enable RPC - check
Use software floating point by default - check
Build c++ compiler - check
External toolchain path : /usr/local/cross/usr

Target filesystem options:
Uncheck all
tar the root filesystem - check
Compression method : bzip2

Exit, save


Root filesystem exists in binaries/uclibc

Now copy all libraries from /usr/local/cross/arm/lib to rootfs/lib. I need to explore what libraries we need exactly.

Deploy image to the board. I'm booting from nfs and in this configuration you can see linux booting in console.

Thanks for help to Leshak

Update 07-Mar-2009:
Tool chain: Libraries to copy:

Update 20.Aug.2009
Use updated manual
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