Friday, December 6, 2013

DVB streaming (Linux / af9015).

I own a dvb-t stick. Linux recognized it as af9015. I just setup a dvb-t streaming on my network.
I used my Linux box that running 24/7 and has OSCAM server on it.
Operating system: Ubuntu with command line only via ssh.
Here all steps required:

In dmesg can be seen that firmware dvb-usb-af9015.fw is missing. It should be downloaded.
This page: sends us to
I downloaded the last firmware and put it to /lib/firmware. Now dvb-t stick recognized and firmware is loaded.

Download and install mumudvb.
sudo apt-get install mumudvb

Download and install dvb-utils
sudo apt-get install dvb-utils

Scan the channels. Press TAB in place of _Your_country_ - it will give you all possibilities
  scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/_Your_country_ > latest-channels.conf

Create config for mumudvb and place it to /usr/share. Frequency can be taken from latest-channels.conf, created previously.
sudo nano /usr/share/mumudvb.conf
File content:

Launch mumudvb for testing
sudo mumudvb -d -c /usr/share/mumudvb.conf
Note the multicast addresses of channels.

Test streams on another computer with VLC.
Tools-Preferences-Playlist-SAP: Enter the multicast address.
Close and open VLC. You should see now in View-Playlist-Local Network-Network Streams(SAP) the channels

Now add this command to boot
sudo crontab -e
Add the following line:
@reboot  mumudvb -d -c /usr/share/mumudvb.conf

Now the streaming will start automatically. 

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