Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buildroot qq2440 again

This is complete manual how to build filesystem for qq2440 (s3c2440 or mini2440) - last version.

Download last buildroot snapshot from snapshots.
Don't use release - it has a problems.
Unpack it to some directory

#tar -xvjf buildroot-xxx.tar.bz2

#cd buildroot

#make menuconfig

Now select:
Target architecture (arm)
Target architecture variant (arm920t)
Target ABI (EABI)

[*] Enable large file (2GB) support
[*] Enable IPV6
[*] Enable RPC
[*] Enable toolchain locale/i18n support
[*] Use software floating point by default
[*] Build/install c++ compiler
Leave other toolchain options unchanged

Target filesystem options:
[*] tar the root filesystem
Compression method (bzip2)

Exit, save


Resulting filesystem exists in buildroot/binaries/uclibc/rootfs.arm.tar.bz2
You can unpack it and mount as NFS filesystem.

In Package selection for the target select desired packages. Not everything will build. I have succesfully built : links, e2ffsprogs, usbutils, alsa-lib, alsa-utils, mpg123, dialog, directfb with samples, SDL, Qt embedded

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