Friday, May 21, 2010

SMARTQ V5 Running IGO 8

Here is a video about iGo8 installed on SMARTQ V5. This device has 3 operating systems: Ubuntu, Android and Windows CE. I installed iGo 8.3 on Windows CE and already tested it in my car with iBlue 747 bluetooth GPS. Navigation is perfect, voice is loud and clear.

Update: I'm using this setup almost everyday and it works perfect. Application for connect to GPS is here


Anonymous said...

Did you use the virtual com port utility to connect the GPS? Dow did you get IGO to recognize your GPS module?

Anonymous said...

Please do more vids or tutorials about the Smartq v5! :D Could you develop applications?

Delavar said...

bvComm is application written by me. If you look on custom shell for qq2440 in my older post it is also developed by me. I'm thinking C++ :)