Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My 3d printer build (Ord Bot Hadron)

I am using ORD Bot Hadron printer that I built by different parts, ordered from different places. It is rigid and reliable platform and I use it for 3 years now. Here you can see some prints.

Here you can see how it looks like
The print area is 200x200 mm
Lets go to the parts list:

1. The frame you can order from here: ebay link
     It arrives well packaged and easy to assemble
2. Extra motors can be bought here: aliexpress link
3. Excellent auto leveling sensor can be found here: ebay link
4. Control board. I used RAMPS, but later switched to RAMBO - ebay link
5. Power supply here: ebay link
6. Wires are here: ebay link
7. Extruder can be complete or printed and using this hardware: ebay link
8. Hotend is E3D-V6 You can buy it from Filastruder or directly from E3D
9. Heatbed:  ebay link
10. Borosilicate glass I am buying from here: aliexpress link

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