Monday, May 28, 2007

Building HTPC media center

I had an idea to build an home media center based on PC. First try was Pentium 3 with TV card and remote. It was very noisy. I've decided to build something silent. Mini-itx, DC-DC converter and 12V power supply. Mini-itx and DC-DC converter was ordered from seller mitxpc on Ebay. All parts have arrived fast, successfully and in new, working condition. And instead of a case - old videotape was chosen.
I have removed all boards - it was very painfully for me . Except front panel - I've planned to use it.

This is a Jetway VIA C7 1.2 GHz motherboard inside

Front panel:
This is a power button and wires connected to "power on" connector in motherboard

This is an IR receiver with all contacts marked - thank you "Sony"I have connected to this receiver +5v and Ground. Output I've connected to MAX232, found on one of my previously developed boards. You can see it in front of case. After convert level to RS232 I've connected it to COM2 DCD line - as found on LIRC
This is a back panel - a most difficult work.

This is a pico-psu 120 DC-DC convertor. It supplies all voltages to motherboard from regular 12V 5A power supply.
The software:
I use Windows XP with WinLirc, Girder and Meedio. This PC connected to my home network via router, so I can easily upload movies to it. And I don't need a DVD drive. If I will - I still have a place inside for it
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