Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wireless Slackware on PC/104

I've got a PC/104 board and I've decided to put Linux on it. And some wireless. On Ebay I've bought a wireless PCMCIA card. I choose "Safecom" because of Linux driver available to download. After some games with different distributions, I've found that Slackware is the best for this (I believed in Suse before, sorry). I've compiled the driver, and checked all on HDD. Everything was worked. But who are playing with these noisy hard drives. I've bought on Ebay HDD-CF adapter and put Slackware on CF card (without swap of course). And whoa! - this is completely standalone noiseless station. It connects automatically to my wireless router and receives IP address. After installing OpenSSh I can connect to it from any place. But what can I do with it? Well, I will think about it. And now some pictures.

Here is "The system"

This is a CPU side - it is a Compulab 586Base
This is a PCMCIA side with "Safecom" card

Slackware's LILO starting

Booting, receiving IP address, etc.
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