Thursday, April 30, 2009

qq2440 + iGo8 + bluetooth howto

How the stuff works

Part 1: iGo

First of all you need iGo 8 on SD card. In iGo8 install directory (StorageCard/NavNgo/iGO8) find file SYS.TXT and open it. Change/add the following:



If something missing – add it, if something present – change it. 800x480 – my screen resolution. If you have different resolution – change this numbers to yours. Now you should be able to start iGo.

Part2: BT Dongle

Open WinCE platform builder.
Open your project.
Open “Communication services and networking – Networking PAN – Bluetooth – Bluetooth protocol stack with transport driver support”.
Delete all except “Bluetooth stack with integrated USB driver”.
Now clean and build your platform.
After building and loading new platform you should be able to start Bluetooth dongle.
Go to “Settings – Control panel”. Double click on “Bluetooth device”. In opened window press “Scan Device”. You should view Bluetooth devices in range.

Part3: You need to open virtual COM port and associate it with Bluetooth. I’ll describe it later

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