Friday, May 8, 2009

qq2440 and bluetooth GPS

I have created an application. This application based on printUI example from Windows CE. It creates COM5. This port you should select in iGo for GPS.

Application is here. I have copied it to SD card.

I assume that you have enabled bluetooth in windows CE as I described in previous post.

Start application in your windows CE device. It displays small icon in system tray.

If you start application first time, do the following:

Click on icon. The main window is opened.
Turn on your bluetooth GPS.
Press "inquiry" and wait. After 1 minute you should see your GPS in list.
Select your GPS and press OK. Window closes and you can use your GPS now.

You don't need to repeat inquiry. You do this only once - first time. Program writes in registry correct values for next runs.

For second and next runs after reset - only start program. Icon in system tray says that port is open. You can run iGo now.

If you want to delete all registry keys written by this program - press "Deregister" and make inquiry again.
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